ARCH 406

Mural for Motel Studios painted in March 2018. 

A Film by Guy Gotto for Character & Craft

ARCH 406 documents the painting of a mural by illustrator and artist William Redgrove under one of the arches by Hoxton Station. Made by filmmaker Guy Gotto for his Character & Craft series, the short film features some of the inspiration and methods of the artist.

The mural was commissioned by Motel Studios who wanted an artwork that would have a direct ‘conversation’ with the new build flats currently being constructed opposite the arches. Many who once lived in east London have been priced out to favour wealthy new residents attracted to the cultural and creative area. An area made interesting by its diversity of class, culture and ethnic backgrounds. A large number of beautiful brick buildings have been torn down in favour of glass and chrome flats that are cheaper and easier to maintain.

A huge thanks to Tat Savage and Will De Villiers for their assistance. 


Indoor mural created for We Are Family at Facebook's new Euston Road offices. 

The office chosen has no windows and Facebook wanted to decorate the room with some bold imagery to open the room out and create some dynamic elements for clients to interact with. The design took the London skyline that you would be able to see if there were windows and placed them 'behind' some bold optical shapes, giving the impression of space and scale. 

More detailed photos to be uploaded soon. 

Thanks to Chris O'Day for the assistance (and entertainment ;) ) on the project!


Mural for Wandsworth Council to be completed

William is currently working on a large mural for Wandsworth Council and Agora Art Circle

Over the last few weeks William and artist Karimah Hasan have been holding community arts workshops in the Battersea area to create material for the design of the mural. This is a community designed project with the artists drawing inspiration from the local people, architecture and experiences.

Realisation is set to take place in September this year. For more information and other exciting community projects contact Agora Arts Circle.

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