Will Redgroveis a London based muralist, artist and educator. 


Will was raised by his single mother in Hackney, growing up inthe vibrant, multicultural community of east London. Due to his mother’sconnections to the French immigrant community of Dalston, Will went to a Frenchspeaking pre-school followed a state school in London Fields. It is within thiscolourful and diverse environment that Will developed his passion for culturalhistories, intricate identities and interlacing relationships.

Will moved with his mother and brother to Somerset as ateenager where he developed a love of the outdoors and travel. He studied Fine Artat the University of the West of England, absorbing the energetic music andstreet art scene of Bristol and developing an understanding of the role of artwithin social movements. Will returned to east London in his twenties, where hewould study Typography and Graphic Design at University of the Arts London.

Upon graduating, Will worked as an assistant for a number ofartists and studios as well as gaining experience within a variety of galleriesand arts organisations. Will found his calling as a muralist, believing themedium to be a culmination of his interests and education. Alongside hiscreative work, Will has always gravitated towards community projects and youthwork, and in 2019 founded the community focussed art project ASYMBAL.


Will always usestactile processes to start with, utilising drawing, painting and print to thenbring in digital elements and methods. It is important to him to bring atangible, hand made quality in some way to all his projects. Either in theinitial stages, sketching out ideas and concepts, or building something by handas a finished product.

Will is fascinated with symbols,alphabets, cultural histories, myths and fairy tales and will bring theseelements into his illustrations and projects. Storytelling is at the heart ofhis work and as it can be a powerful tool in communicating ideas.Will believes the arts to be a fundamental means of connectingpeople, to build bridges, not walls. 

Will has Certificates in Special Educational Needs Higher Level 5 and Youth Work Training Level 3

Selected clients:

Create London, The Arts Council England, Facebook, Giffgaff, Visit England, University of the Arts London, We Are Family, LovereadingStylist Magazine, Carney's Community Centre, The Moth Club, Motel Studios, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Sutton Trust, Pococello, Character & Craft

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