Will Redgrove is a London based muralist, community artist and educator. 

Will was born in Hackney, growing up in the vibrant, multicultural community of east London. It is within this colourful and diverse environment that Will developed his passion for cultural histories, intricate identities and interlacing relationships. 

He studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England, absorbing the energetic music and street art scene of Bristol and developing an understanding of the role of art within social movements and activism. Will returned to east London where he would end up studying Typography and Graphic Design at University of the Arts London.

Will uses collaborative and co-creative processes throughout his projects utilising workshops and group experimentation to develop ideas into a finished product. It is important to him that public art is created/designed for/with those who will use it the most - the public.

"Having agency in the creation of public art, with a message that's genuine, creates shared identities, and improves community cohesion, self-efficacy and wellbeing. I want all my projects to have that legacy."

His style takes inspiration from by vintage advertising and tattoos, pop art and folk art, often playing with themes around symbols, alphabets, the natural world, cultural histories, myths and fairy tales. Storytelling and communication is at the heart of all his work.

For a quick chat, feel free to call me on +44 7528 203 660 or email williamredgrove@gmail.com.

The Matchbox

Will is the founder of The Matchbox - a collective of muralists, street artists and sign writers setting up a radically collaborative change to the industry.


London Made Me

Will was part of the first London Made Me, a project in which 14 creatives from around the city's CEZ were put through an experiential retail training programme, culminating in a pop-up shop build on Regent Street.

Artist Educator

Will is currently an Artist Educator at Bow Arts, a non profit organisation that facilitates creative workshops and teacher training for schools across east London.


Selected Clients

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