Alongside my personal work, I offer my services as a technician, consultant and assistant on large scale and public artworks. Having years of experience on multiple mural projects has equipped me to best realise the vision of the artist, project manager or client I’m working with.

My services range from project consultation through to artwork development to simply painting assistance. I’m always happy to respond to the requirements of the particular client and project, whether that’s working with a client directly or part of a team of 20.

Feel free to reach out for a chat or consultation:

t: +44 7528 203 660 


Remember This House

Artist: Pio Abad

Project Management: Create London

I acted as lead technician on 2 murals painted in Kilburn for Filipino contemporary artist Pio Abad to be displayed during the Brent Biennale. Over the course of 4 weeks we battled the intemperate weather to realise these striking pieces.

“In creating these contemporary vanitas murals, Abad commemorates how the complex, and often painful, history of colonialism has shaped the communities living on

Kilburn High Road, while also celebrating the people from the area, whose stories are embedded within the objects.”

Meta Mural – King’s Cross

Artist: Richard Ikhide

Project Client: Meta

Contemporary artist Richard Ayodeji Ikhide was invited to create a mural for Meta’s new King’s Cross Offices. This piece, resembling a large scale version of Ikhide’s watercolour works on paper was created by a small team of 4 artists, over the course of 4 weeks.

“I’m intrigued by the commonality between cultures through things like mythology or the kinds of artworks we’re producing. It’s important to me that I contextualise the work and make sure what I’m doing is valid. I’m not just making art for art’s sake.”

Layers of Movement

Artist and Client: Yinka Ilori for Meta

Project Management: London Mural Company

Within a team of 10 painters and over the course of 8 weeks, I helped realise this impressive 10 story mural for British-Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist Yinka Ilori at Meta’s new King’s Cross offices.

"Yinka’s work brings a fresh approach, which deeply understands the complexities of how to make spaces for people. Yinka has created beautiful spaces bringing joy to the everyday and improving people's everyday lives."

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