Mural Flash

Inspired by the sheets of designs typically displayed on the walls of tattoo parlours, this series provides inspiration for potential large scale artworks or murals. 

Either pick a design that you wish to have painted or use them as inspiration for your own ideas!

I developed these illustrations to make the projects easier to visualise. They are all digital images so can easily be mocked up onto a photograph of a wall or canvas. Once you have picked out a design, you have the option to change the position, scale and colour.


A set of illustrations originally displayed at the Bow Arts Nunnery Café. The series are a personal set of observations, inspired by vintage matchboxes. Political at times and at others more provocative, through them we see the importance of acknowledging the past to visualise and imagine new, more hopeful futures.

“There’s something I like about the mass produced, throwaway nature of these objects, getting shabby in someone’s pocket. You can really sense the machinery that printed them. They are also a beautiful snapshot into the visual and printing trends of their time - and the match itself is a powerful symbol to represent the spark of an idea or the ignition of dissent. That’s quite a playful idea for me”.

Bow is famously the site of the Match Girl’s strike in the 1880’s which was an industrial action by the women and teenage girls working at the Bryant & Maymatch factory. 


Two alternative book cover illustrations for Adam Kammerling's book SEDER which explores his Jewish heritage and discovers how generational trauma lives in the body and the cathartic potential that exists in contemporary spaces.

"This innovative debut collection from Adam Kammerling is an archival and deft account of a person reckoning with their heritage and family history. Hybrid, dexterous and informed, Kammerling retraces his Jewish ancestry as poems fluctuate through time and space, leaving us with a forbidding sense that what has changed over recent decades is not enough."

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