I have a passion for collaborative projects, seeing first-hand how the co-creation of public art has the ability to decrease stress, generate conversations, develop shared identities and improve a sense of belonging in its participants and community.

Each one of my projects has required sensitively responding to the individual needs of participants, project partners and organisations. Group sizes have ranged from 5 to 120 with a range of skill levels and abilities, including those with SEN. Above all, my workshops are designed to be fun, exciting and inclusive, creating a risk free environment to experiment and try new things.

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Jaywick Sands Community Mural

Partners: Blank Walls, the community of Jaywick Sands

Commissioned by: Mind, Stop Loan Sharks UK

I was asked to host a series of workshops with the residents of Jaywick Sands to design and paint a mural that spread awareness of the dangers of loan sharks.

Jaywick Sands has been named the UK’s most deprived town for the last 2 decades and the local community was severely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Having been through a lot of recent turmoil, the mural and workshops became a chance for local people to come down and take part in a collaborative and cathartic experience, using the opportunity to open up about their situations and lives.

Jaywick Sands Mural


Grafton Primary School Mural

Partners : Bow Arts Trust and the Yr 5s

Commissioned by: Grafton primary School

Mural created with the students of Grafton primary School in Dagenham east London. I was tasked to come up with a collaborative mural that would get the participants engaged with as much of the process of creating a mural as possible.

I decided to challenge myself by working with the entire year group, from the design all the way through to the realisation. In all, 120 students took part in the breakdown and exploration of the brief, the development of the design and the painting of the mural itself.

Grafton Primary School Mural


Identity Mural

Partners: The Bow Arts Trust, Yr 11s of Sarah Bonnell School

Commissioned by: Sarah Bonnell School

I was invited by Sarah Bonnell School in Stratford, east London to hold creative workshops that would lead to the painting of a mural in the assembly hall.

The theme explored was identity. Over the course of several weeks we workshopped what identity means to us, and how we view our own identity. The students chose to include all the flags of the countries that made up the demographic of their group as well as symbols that are important to them. These included music, a windrush inspired boat and an astronaut, representing the furthest reach.  

Carney’s Community Mural

Partners: Carney’s Community Youth Club

Commissioned by: London Youth

In collaboration with London Youth, I facilitated a mural at Carney’s Community Centre as part of their mission to deliver progressive social action and leadership opportunities to young people across London. For each project, a young person is nominated by their club, becoming an official ‘Young Leader’, taking on management responsibilities.

This project required the participants take on nearly all of the planning, developing and painting themselves. The participants wanted the theme to be in honour of Mick Carney, a boxing legend who motivated and turned around many lives through engagement with boxing. I acted as consultant, guiding the theme, logistics and realisation, ultimately helping the young leaders achieve their goals.

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