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Hi, and welcome to Colourways, a collection of fairytales, myths, ghost stories and oddities. Below you’ll find stories that I have come across when researching my artworks, ones that have stuck with me or whose imagery excited me. Each tale is linked by a colour – either featuring in the title or having prominence in the story. I have always loved how colour is used in storytelling and I will be exploring how colour is used to shape plot and character, but also how colour can form or celebrate cultural difference.

My professional work is heavily influenced by fairytales, folk cultures and traditions from around the globe. Here, I want to explore those same traditions and experiment with the visual aspect of folk communication. 

I shall illustrate each found story and explain how I came across the tale, why I chose it and a little exploration of the featured colour. This is very much an experimental blog that I will add to in my spare time, so I’d really appreciate and welcome collaboration, shares and likes on social media. And who knows – if you guys like the illustrations, perhaps I’ll do something with them in the future.

The Brown Bear of Norway

Girl in White / La Llorona

The Pink

How the Bluebird and Coyote Got Their Colors

Black Arts

The Little Red Tortoise

The Yellow Wallpaper

Why the Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter

The Silver Hatchet

The Magic Orange Tree

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