Due to Covid-19 and the vulnerability of our participants, we have had to put ASYMBAL Tower Hamlets on hold for the time being. 

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ASYMBAL is a community focussed project by Marcus Foster and

William Redgrove that explores the bringing together of communities and cultures to form a new kind of visual language. Through workshops, activities, and conversations with a variety of groups within the local community, the project aims to celebrate a fusion of cultural identities.

The artists held 6 workshops with local community centres, youth

clubs and schools around the borough of Wandsworth. The groups experimented with a variety of different materials and techniques. Making clay medals, flags, mottos, symbols to tell their stories, the artist then archived and developed these processes and transformed them into artworks. 

Along the walls of the exhibition hung 6 flags to form an arena, on the back wall, simple drawing experiments became trophies in 3 ceramic murals. The exhibition took place during the 2019 Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

During the course of the two week take over at ArtLacuna gallery, the space housed a series of events, performances, film screenings and discussions with artists and youth workers whose practice shares similar themes in engaging diverse communities with contemporary art and other positive outlets. This is the first of the ongoing ASYMBAL exhibitions. The artists hope that through collaboration and conversation this project will continue to grow.

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A Film By Agnieszka Kocinska

This film documents a series of 6 workshops held in late March with local community groups. The workshops took place in The George Shearing Centre, Providence House, Katherine Low Settlement and Thames Christian School. Using a variety of materials; clay, flags, sound and paper cut outs, the groups explored themes of place, home, play, future aspirations and how they could be symbolised and celebrated.

Followed are a series of images from the making and exhibiting phases of the project. 

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